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Paul's Good Life Pet Care is proud and excited to now offer products for your favorite furry friend!

We now have exclusive rights to offer PetHealth™ Advanced Pet Care products along with Snap™ cleaning products. 

We have looked far, wide, high and low for products that we trust and believe in and have found them with the PetHealth™ line of advanced supplements and grooming products. This line of products will keep your pets happy, healthy and young at heart.

Our senior dog, Tasha, who is 14 years young, had trouble with arthritis and going up and down stairs was very difficult for her. PetHealth’s™ OPC Formula for dogs helped her arthritis and got her back to playing and taking the stairs like a champ! She acts like a 6-7 year old pup.

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Happy shopping!


PetHealth™ OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats

PetHealth™ OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats is a unique antioxidant and joint health formula in a great-tasting powder that is sprinkled over your pet’s regular food. PetHealth OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats is designed to be very palatable in a tasty beef flavor that your pets will love. PetHealth OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats provides free radical-fighting antioxidant protection and joint and cartilage support to your pet to help ensure they live long, healthy lives.


PetHealth™ Multivitamin Formula for Dogs

PetHealth™ Multivitamin Formula for Dogs is a delicious vitamin supplement that’s easy to use, just mix with your dog’s favorite food and let them enjoy. The PetHealth Multivitamin Formula for Dogs provides essential vitamins and minerals to promote optimal health.


PetHealth™ Medicated Shampoo

Say good-bye to persistent scratching and chewing. Dogs are exposed to a variety of environmental irritants that can wreak havoc on their skin. PetHealth™ Medicated Shampoo is formulated with Panthenol to help the skin maintain its natural moisture balance and menthol to sooth and calm your pet's skin.


PetHealth™ Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Your dog's skin is sensitive and finding a non-irritating shampoo can be difficult. PetHealth™ Hypoallergenic Shampoo with oatmeal, aloe, lavender and honey gently cleanse the skin and hair leaving your dog with a soft, fresh and clean coat.


PetHealth™ Ear Wash

Your pet's ear canal can become irritated and uncomfortable due to a build up of earwax, dirt and debris. Routine cleansing helps to keep the ear clean and dry. PetHealth™ Ear Wash contains aloe and plant based surfactants to moisturize and cleanse the ear area.


PetHealth™ Pad & Paw Balm

Harsh weather conditions such as salt in cold climates and hot pavement can damage dogs’ pads. Cracking and calluses can lead to excessive licking, biting and rubbing, which increases rawness in the paw. PetHealth™ Pad & Paw Balm formulated with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil to soothe and protect the pad and paw so they can continue to play and enjoy life.




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